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At Louden Bonded Pools, we only hire skilled professionals who have the experience, education and training we demand from our employees. We know how much your pool means to you and we want you to start enjoying your custom pool as quickly as possible. Follow along and we will show you the complete phases of construction to building a Louden Pool.

Phase 1 – Pool Location & Groundbreaking

Establishing the pool location is one of the most important steps. Consider the location of the walkways, distance to mechanical equipment, position of vegetation, overhead tree limbs and power lines. We will help you position the pool to optimize it’s beauty from all angles. Once the positioning of the pool, plumbing and mechanical equipment is established, the groundbreaking begins.

Phase 2 – Form & Steel

The form of the pool starts to take shape as wood is used to establish the general shape then steel is used to articulate the natural curves of the pool.

Phase 3 – Guinite Shell

The pool frame is coated with a spray-on guinite shell. This is the base of the pool’s shape and will give it the strength to last for generations to come.

Phase 4 – Backfill

The dirt around the pool is leveled and prepared to take on a deck surrounding the pool.

Phase 5 – Tilework

Tile is installed as well as any brick.

Phase 6 – Underground Plumbing

All required underground plumbing is completed.

Phase 7 – Deck Preparation

This step begins the deck process. First by grading the area around the pool and forming the deck area.

Phase 8 – Deck Pouring

Once the deck form has passed inspection, cement trucks are brought in to pour the concrete for the deck.

Phase 9 – Deck Topping

Once the deck concrete cures, the deck will receive its first topping layer.

Phase 9B – Screen Install (If required)

After the deck is topped and cured, the screen will be installed. Typically, these can be completed in as little as two business days.

Phase 10 – Equipment Install

All required equipment is installed. This equipment is of the highest standard and will allow the pool to run for years to come.

Phase 11 – Pool Cleaning

The pool is cleaned and prepped to receive the final gem coating.

Phase 12 – Gem Finish

The pool receives the final layer before filling it with water. This layer also contains the chosen color mixed with the plaster that will show in the water when filled.

Phase 13 – Fill & Start-up

Once the plaster layer is completed, the pool can be filled with water. Depending on size, the pool can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to fill. We then do a final patio topping. This pool is completed and can now be enjoyed! We guarantee our craftsmanship and stand behind our products. This new Louden Pool will bring years of enjoyment.

Pool Complete

The lawn has been repaired with new sod. All that is missing is you enjoying this new Louden Pool!

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